Who Researches Functional Literacy?

Donita Shaw, Kristen H. Perry, Lyudmyla Ivanyuk, Sarah Tham



The purpose of this manuscript was to discover who researches functional literacy. This study was situated within a larger systematic literature review.  We searched seven electronic databases and identified 90 sources to answer our larger question regarding how functional literacy is defined and conceptualized as well as the specific question pertinent to this paper. An analytic template guided our data collection. Analysis was completed by using a spreadsheet to examine two levels of institutional affiliation: 1) the larger institution such as a university or government unit, and 2) the department, program, or division within the institution.  Findings showed the 209 authors of these 90 sources represent a diverse set of fields. Further, it appears that multidisciplinary research is being conducted. We discuss implications of these findings and call for more interdisciplinary research.

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