Editorial Team


  1. Dr. Veronica House, University of Colorado Boulder
  2. Dr. Paul Feigenbaum, Florida International University, United States

Senior Assistant Editor & Issues in Community Literacy Editor

  1. Cayce Wicks, Florida International University

Book Review, New Media, and Keyword Essay Co-Editors

  1. Saul Hernandez, Middle Georgia Regional Library System
  2. Jessica Shumake, University of Notre Dame

Consulting Editor & Project Profiles Editor

  1. Vincent Portillo, Syracuse University

Journal Manager

  1. Erin Daugherty, The University of Arkansas, United States

Social Media Editor

  1. Christian Ruvalcaba, University of Arizona

Senior Copyeditor

  1. Sarah Hughes, University of Michigan


  1. Kelly Whitney, The Ohio State University
  2. Adam L Hubrig, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, United States