Vol 12, No 2 (2018)

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Front Matter

Front Matter

Note From the Editors

Editors' Introduction
Paul Feigenbaum, Veronica House


Editors' Interview with Founding Editors Michael Moore and John Warnock
Veronica House, Paul Feigenbaum
2017 Conference on Community Writing Keynote Address: Place and Relationships in Community Writing
Ellen Cushman
#StayWoke: The Language and Literacies of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement
Elaine Richardson, Alice Ragland

Community Literacy Project Profiles

The CitiZINE Project: Reflections on a Political Engagement Project
Lesley Graybeal, Kristen Spickard

Issues in Community Literacy

Intentionally Public, Intentionally Private: Gender Non-Binary Youth on Tumblr and the Queering of Community Literacy Research
Megan M Opperman

Book and New Media Reviews

Book & New Media Reviews
Jessica Shumake