Vol 8, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

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Re-Framing the Argument: Critical Service-Learning and Community-Centered Food Literacy PDF
Veronica Leigh House
Assembling for Agency: Prisoners and College Students in a Life Writing Workshop PDF
David J. Coogan
“Socializing Democracy”: The Community Literacy Pedagogy of Jane Addams PDF
Rachael Wendler
Investigating Adult Literacy Programs through Community Engagement Research: A Case Study PDF
Jaclyn Michelle Wells
Reading Under Cover of the Veil: Oral and Textual Literacies in Antebellum America PDF
Sandra Elaine Jones
“To Learn about Science”: Real Life Scientific Literacy across Multicultural Communities
Adriana Briseno-Garzon, Victoria Purcell-Gates, Kristen Perry

Book and New Media Reviews

Book & New Media Reviews PDF
CLJ Editors